About the property

ROOMS BSR City private suite (A) is available for immediate rental on the 3rd floor, offering a spacious and customizable workspace with 77 workstations. You can adjust the number of workstations to suit your team’s specific requirements, ensuring maximum productivity. The suite also includes a private conference room and a fully-equipped kitchen, allowing you to conduct meetings and prepare meals without leaving your workspace. Moreover, there’s an option to add a private balcony to enjoy a breath of fresh air and scenic views. The private entrance with company branding will provide a professional image to your clients and visitors, leaving a lasting impression.


The complex located at the intersection of Jabotinsky and Yitzhak Rabin streets , adjacent to the red line of the light rail and the station located right in front of it. The project benefits from accessibility to the main traffic routes – road 471 to the south connecting to road 6 and road 4, road 5 to the north and road 40 to the east.

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