About the property

ROOMS Acro Tel Aviv 3rd floor is set to open for entry in July 2023 and is located on the third floor of the building. The floor boasts 60 workstations, making it an ideal space for larger teams or companies. Additionally, it features a private meeting room, shared kitchen, and private entrance with the option for company branding.
For those seeking a slightly smaller area, there is also an option available. Furthermore, the floor also offers the option for a private balcony, allowing for a relaxing space to unwind and take in the city views.

ROOMS Acro Tel Aviv

The exclusive Acro Tower is located in a super strategic developing area in Tel Aviv. The Yitzhak Sade complex and the Ma’ariv junction is an employment area in the city center of Tel Aviv between the streets Menachem Begin to the west, Yitzhak Sade to the north, Hamsgar Street to the east and David Hachmi to the south. Adjacent to the tower, at the Ma’ariv junction, the largest station of Tel Aviv – the light rail – will be located.

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