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Working Rooms

ROOMS offers you exclusive and inspiring co-working spaces that are designed to promote creativity, productivity, and collaboration among employees.
Our work complexes are the great option for people looking for a central, inspiring location to work, with an experience of fashionable urban hotels.
Whether you are a freelancer, a startup founder, or a remote worker, you can likely find a shared work complex that meets your needs and provides a comfortable and inspiring environment in which to work.

Workspaces solutions

Hotel Desk

Changeable personal position in common area. A desk chair, armchair, living room or lounge – you choose how you work every day.


Dedicated Desk

Located in a common area, a good option for people who need a stable work environment and prefer to have their own dedicated workspace within a co-working space.

Private Office

A great option for companies who want the convenience and flexibility of a shared workspace but also value the privacy and autonomy of a dedicated office.


Ideal for companies and organizations, comes equipped with desks, chairs, and other essential office furniture, so you can start working right away.

Private Floor

A fully furnished office on a private floor that is set up and ready for use. Allows you to have your own dedicated space separated from other companies or organizations.

Additional solutions

Meeting Rooms

Equipped  meeting rooms that provide a distraction-free environment, which can help team members focus and be more productive during meetings.

Class Room

Our full equipped class rooms provide you a dedicated space for your company to conduct training sessions or other educational events.


Meeting rooms, conference rooms and larger event spaces that can be rented for events, and offer additional amenities for a stunning and memorable event.

Accessibility tools

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