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How we helped Cnaan thrive in their new workspace

Canaan Insurance Agency, which hires about 50 employees, has been operating from ROOMS complex in Ramat Gan since September 2020. The company’s complex is spread over a quarter floor and includes 3 private meeting rooms.

The company’s CEO and owner, Gideon Gilboa, shares his experience –

“In terms of cost-benefit considerations, there is nothing to compare to anywhere else. We get peace of mind. Until today, no matter where our offices were, I was responsible for everything and I had to deal with everything, from little to big things around the operation issue and I had lees time for the business itself. To ROOMS credit, the main benefit I got is peace of mind and that’s a lot. And financially – I feel I get the maximum for what I pay.”

Upon their arrival at ROOMS, it was important for Canaan to demarcate their offices in a way that would give them maximum privacy as well as add dedicated meeting rooms, due to their increased needs.

“Now we are finishing our first year at ROOMS and everything we thought would be in terms of energy and office looks, the transition efficiency and also financially – this is absolutely the best result for us. There is a real sense of combining offices and hotel hospitality.

Our previous offices were in Petah Tikva, sized about 1,200 square meters. In terms of functionality, the place was not arranged properly, which would increase the costs for us. This deal was worthwhile in 2014 when we got in there, but COVID-19 changed everything, and I realized we need to find a place that would make more sense for us and would be fun for the employees to get to in the morning.

We discovered ROOMS by surprise, through a friend of mine who is also a realtor works with them. From the moment I arrived to see the place – I loved everything. Visibility, energy, perception of space”.

The transition from the traditional rented/owned offices to a co-working complex also went well for Gilboa –

“For me, the significant difference is the peace of mind I have. You get up in the morning, come to the office, park your car, and do your job. Your productivity is greater, and this is mainly the convenience of working in ROOMS. I also think the price is fair because they maintain a very high level here, with top level facilities”.

Additional benefit for companies like Canaan, is getting the regular maintenance service from ROOMS without having to deal with it directly –

“The service is excellent. There is a feeling that someone cares about you, who want to give the best service. For example – Gabi, the complex’s cleaner. It is the point where you understand the meaning of a place like ROOMS. It’s a big operating system but there is a place for the personal touch that knows how to retain employees.

In addition to the service, there is all the facilitation that comes with ROOMS. The toilets are large and comfortable, there is a regular cleaning. Maintain high standards. We are for example close to the large main lounge which has an excellent and fully equipped kitchen. The space is very beautiful and the idea of adding “Ne’eman Bakery” in the mornings is very beautiful and gives a solution to everyone.

(ROOMS Ramat Gan works in collaboration with a “Ne’eman Bakery” which supply ROOMS tenants discounted coffee & pastries).

Gilboa also mentions the differences in the field of community –

“The idea of the Happy Hour is lovely. I admit we don’t take advantage of the sports activities enough, but it’s an individual matter and in any case fun to know it even exists, but we use the other facilities – some of my employees use the Nap Room. We had a small event in the main lounge.

In general, there is a feeling that there are quality people here and that conversations can be produced on a personal level. There is a connection between Canaan’s employees and the other tenants, as well as the compound’s staff.”

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