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ROOMS Ra’anana

The first hotel experience coworking space with a matchless work ecosystem.

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ROOMS Raanana by Fattal is an innovative hospitality concept blending coworking spaces and a business hotel to form an inspiring coworking complex. Set in the heart of the business center in Ra’anana, this first-of-its-kind coworking complex has no equivalent anywhere else in Israel or in  the world. 

The complex spans over the top three floors of the A Tower and features an exclusive rooftop lounge. Members in this ground-breaking complex have access to an unparalleled and innovative work environment, which includes, among others:

  • Spacious, well-lit offices
  • Large suites tailored for collaborative work, with an exclusive private entrance to a meeting room.
  • Private corporate area with a separate entrance and a unique office mix.
  • Room service available in suites, meeting rooms, and offices.
  • Complimentary refreshments throughout the day including cookies, fruits, and light drinks.

All these amenities are available to all ROOMS members, whether corporations or sole entrepreneurs. Fattal designed a suite of facilities that exceeded the norms of the market and crowned the vision with a plus of services that make working in these spaces a luxury, VIP-standard experience. 


You’ll find ROOMS Raanana at the heart of the Raanana Business Park Center, in the A Tower at 5 Hatidhar St. The shared coworking spaces occupy the tower’s three upper stories and include an exclusive rooftop lounge area with spectacular city views. 

The ROOMS Raanana coworking complex can accommodate large and medium-sized companies seeking avant-garde offices designed to satisfy the needs of the modern employees who spend long hours in front of a computer: ergonomic furniture, high-tech acoustics, trendy décor, and a suite of wellbeing activities all through the week. 

    • Transit
    • 12 Hatidhar st.
      3 minutes walk


      Municipal parking lot, Zarhin
      4 min walk

    • Hatidhar Bus Station, Industrial
      1 Minute walk

    • Raanana South Railway Station
      2.3 km

    • Nearby places
    • Nearby Restaurants
      Bang Bang, Picnia, Murphys, La Roof, Oldis, Bakaru, Japanica Raanana

    • Raanana Park
      4.7 km (walking time)

Available Offices

  • Open Space Desk
  • Private Office
  • Meeting Rooms



    ROOMS members in Raanana are invited to enjoy a pampering ROOFTOP, which overlooks the magnificent and open views of the Raanana.


    Seating areas and meeting rooms, for drinks and refreshments.


    Meetings, social gatherings, meetups, happy hour and making connections with the right people.

  • Community concierge

    On-site community concierge services designed to lighten the load and your workday.

  • Super-fast Internet

    Fast and secure Internet connection with easy guest onboarding. We can set you up with a private network or any other IT setup.

  • Printing hubs

    Printing space on every floor complete with a business-class printer stacked with quality paper and a shredder.


    Special quiet areas for personal calls and meetings in total privacy.


    ROOMS members will benefit from a thorough cleaning of the office and the work environment.

  • Beverages

    Each floor offers a choice of refreshments, including soda and beer fountains and a coffee bar.

  • Meeting Rooms

    Variously-sized meeting rooms, equipped with first-rate technology.

Meet your Partner

  • Chen Shutan
    Chen Shutan, director of ROOMS Ra'anana complex, is committed to the success of both small and large members and looks at service and customer success as top values. With more than 3 years' experience in the coworking space field, Chen believes in creating a unique workspace environment with high standards of hospitality and assimilating a service concept that will make members feel at home "I see ROOMS as far beyond than just a workplace. In my vision, it's like home, with the same warm environment, food and treats we all love. My team and I are committed to create the best experience possible".

Making ROOMS for you

    • 01
      Maximum comfort in soundproofed coworking spaces. Your office and all lounge areas are acoustically insulated.
    • 02
      Cutting-edge conference room technology that makes communication a breeze.
    • 03
      Functional kitchens with modern appliances plus great coffee 24/7, filtered water, and soda fountain.
    • 04
      Business class lounging areas with elegant décor to relax, socialize, think, and meet peers.
    • 05
      Classy hotel-style events right at your office doors: happy hour parties, meetups, and more.

ROOMS - A New Coworking Space Concept by Fattal

    Select flexible coworking spaces on premium or regular floors and customize your office with first-class décor and furnishings.

    We bring together the most inspiring workspaces with all the perks and comforts of a leading hotel, including room service, a dedicated concierge, bar access & much more.

    We offer the combination of business and pleasure, bringing inspiring workspaces into the heart of chic, centrally located urban hotels with networking, meet-ups, events, Connections to start-ups and leading companies. We aim to create a unique community eco system for our members.

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Fattal Hotels has to offer

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