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    ROOMS Ramat Gan

    The first hotel experience coworking space with a matchless work ecosystem.

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    ROOMS has launched yet another big work complex on the 33rd and 34th floors of the new Hachsharat Hayeshuv Tower. The complex will be equipped with the most advanced infrastructure and a view that stretches to the edge of the Ramat Gan and Tel Aviv horizon. Members will enjoy technological services that will make their work environment the most advanced and high quality in Israel.


    ROOMS offers a unique concept: professional, spacious and luxurious work complex based on the combination of a shared working space and a business hotel experience. The high standard of service and hospitality offered by Fattal have been implemented in ROOMS complexes, which is manifested in a spacious complex, allowing large personal work space, open seating areas with work stations, and free drinks and refreshments throughout the day.

    Each floor of the complex has a main lounge bar with coffee of al kinds, water & soda tabs, milk and refreshments free for the members use.

    ROOMS Ramat Gan offers a selection of work stations and offices of various sizes in different locations in the complex. Starting from open space work stations in the main lobby, to private offices and suites for large teams including a private balcony. ROOMS members will also enjoy community events, professional meet-ups and more.




    ROOMS Ramat Gan is located in the Jabotinsky axis, connecting the four main cities: Bnei Brak, Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv and Petah Tikva. Near the main route 4, and a variety of public transport routes as well as the red route of the light rail, including A station adjacent to the complex.


    The Hachsharat Hayeshuv tower will combine business and commercial centers, next to office towers, such as Bessar, Concord and V Tower. In the center of the complex, on Masada Street, a well-maintained and vibrant central commercial avenue is planned.





      • TRANSIT
      • Parking available in building

      • Jabotinsky Road/Rabbi Akiva

        600 meters

      • Bnei Brak Train Station

        2.4 km.

      • Ayalon Mall

        1.5 km

      • Hayarkon Park

        2 km

    Rooms spaces

    • Private Offices
      From 2,800₪ / mo

      The chain offers a variety of spacious, well-designed and fully-equipped private offices, tailored to work teams of any size.
      Acoustically opaque external and internal offices are available in order to enable quiet and efficient work. Each position includes a desk, an ergonomic chair and a personal chest of drawers.

      ROOMS Members will be able to benefit from the following services:
      • Use of conference rooms in the complex.
      • Free use of complex kitchens (including coffee, tea and soda).
      • Parking in the complex parking lot.
      Rental prices vary according to the types of work positions. We recommend scheduling a tour and choose the best workspace for you:
      • 2 Seats
        From ₪2,800 /mo
      • 3 Seats
        From ₪4,200 /mo
      • 4 Seats
        From ₪5,600 /mo
      • 6 Seats
        From ₪8,400 /mo
      • Larger team? We have the right solutions for you. Talk to us:
    • Hotel Desk
      From ₪950 /mo

      Changeable personal position in common area. A desk chair, armchair, living room or lounge – you choose how you work every day.


      In addition, you will be able to enjoy all shared facilities. Bring a computer, choose a table and get started.


    • Dedicated Desk
      From ₪1,200 /mo

      Fixed personal position in common area. Private desk in an open shared area, which includes a personal chest of drawers and a personal equipment storage space.


      In addition, you will be able to enjoy all shared facilities. Bring your computer and start working in a relaxed atmosphere on your private desk. Individual position changes in a common area.


    • Daily Hot Desk
      From ₪150 /Day

      Join us for a full working day and enjoy all the benefits ROOMS offer. Just bring a computer, and start the work day.


      Hot Daily Desk allows you to work on demand and within your time and budget, across our workspace. Access to everything: all services, community, and amenities.

      Ideal for individuals and small teams.


    • Meeting Rooms
      Starting from ₪100 /hour

      Various sized dedicated meeting rooms, equipped with all the technology you’ll need. From 2 to 20 participants.

      Meeting Rooms Prices:
      • ROOMS Complex. Suitable for up to 5 participants
        ₪100 /hour
      • ROOMS Complex. Suitable for up to 8 participants
        ₪200 /hour
      • ROOMS Complex. Suitable for up to 20 participants
        ₪300 /hour


      • Lounge Areas

        Each floor offers a main bar with choice of refreshments, including soda and water tabs and a coffee bar.

      • meeting rooms

        Special quiet areas for personal calls and meetings in total privacy.

      • Nap Rooms

        Relaxed and quiet rest rooms, for power naps in the middle of a busy work day, to fill you with the energy to continue.

      • Phone Booth

        Small, quiet rooms suitable for meetings in a pleasant and quiet atmosphere.

      • Beverages

        Each floor offers a choice of refreshments, including soda and beer fountains and a coffee bar.

      • Vibrant Community

        Weekly Happy Hour, meetups, social gatherings, and making connections with the right people.

      • Super-fast Internet

        Fast and secure Internet connection with easy guest onboarding. We can set you up with a private network or any other IT setup.

      • Printing hubs

        Printing space on every floor complete with a business-class printer stacked with quality paper and a shredder.

      • Cleaning Services

        ROOMS members will benefit from a thorough cleaning of the office and the work environment.

      Meet Your Partner

      • Snir Ben Atia
        Snir Ben Atia, site manager of ROOMS Ramat Gan complex, is committed to creating a unique experience and a high standard of work for our clients "There are many common aspects between the hotel industry and coworking space, and our job is to focus on our customers and their needs, giving them the best tools for success while creating a unique staying experience and a personalized hotel-to-customer service.

        ROOMS - A New Coworking Space Concept by Fattal

          Select flexible co-working spaces on premium or regular floors and customize your office with first-class décor and furnishings.

          We bring together the most inspiring workspaces with all the perks and comforts of a leading hotel, including room service, a dedicated concierge, bar access & much more.

        • COMMUNITY
          We offer the combination of business and pleasure, bringing inspiring workspaces into the heart of chic, centrally located urban hotels with networking, meet-ups, events, Connections to start-ups and leading companies. We aim to create a unique community eco system for our members.

        Enjoy Everything
        Fattal Hotels has to offer

          • 10%
          • Discount in 200 hotels in 19 countries with free Fattal Hotels club membership for ROOMS members
          • 20%
          • Discount when using all Fattal Hotels meeting rooms
          • 50%
          • Discount on access to all of Fattal Business lounges
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          Get the best seat in the complex by moving in first.
          Book a tour
          Book a tour and reserve the best ROOMS for you!
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