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How we helped Red Hat thrive in their new workspace

RedHat has chosen to position its new offices in ROOMS complex in Raanana and has been operating in the complex since February 2020. The company has a private suite – tailored made half a floor, sized about 1,000 sqm.


RedHat is a software development company, one of the biggest and well-known in the open-source field, and among the world’s largest distributors of Linux-based operating systems.


Until recently, the company’s headquarters in Israel were in Gamla, in offices owned by the company. But with the company’s latest expansion, which brought additional employees, RedHat needed another work complex, and this is where ROOMS came into the picture.


“At first, not all employees were happy with the transition. But since we moved to ROOMS, they have discovered that there are a lot of benefits to the new form of work, which has allowed them to look at the transition in a positive manner and this turn the lemon into lemonade” Says Carmit Naor, director of the work complex on behalf of RedHat.


With over 100 branches in more than 40 countries around the world, RedHat Global has extensive experience in co-working complexes. RedHat’s needs were clear – on the one hand, a common workspace that would be large enough to accommodate all staff, and on the other hand the need for privacy, by having the entire space used exclusively by the company, i.e create for RedHat a dedicated space, but at the same time, allowing employees to enjoy ROOMS facilities and services. Therefore, the solution we tailored for RedHat allowed the company to conduct independently, with ongoing support from the ROOMS team.



All the suite is branded RedHat, and is used only by the company’s employees, with the main space of ROOMS in front of the complex – including beverages and snacks bar, meeting rooms and work areas in an open space – which the employees are welcome to use.

The main advantage of co-working complexes is the operation and maintenance, which are a part of the service ROOMS provides. So that RedHat’s managers like every ROOMS client, don’t have to deal with cleaning and maintenance issues at all.

The new work configuration provided by ROOMS gives RedHat’s employees an added value. Thanks to the diverse services and facilities at ROOMS, the entire social-community issue in the office is addressed through the various events and meetups organized by ROOMS, such as Happy Hours on Thursdays or the shared rooftop.

“The choice to work in the ROOMS complex came from the understanding that only ROOMS is able to provide a tailored solution for RedHat’s need for a shared work complex.

What we love most about ROOMS is the professional and courteous staff. There is a desire of the team to be attentive to all needs while constantly trying to streamline, improve and innovate. Consider the investment in Happy Hours – in time and quality.

Good response time to maintenance requests.

The general atmosphere in ROOMS is very pleasant and there is something very relaxing in the complex. The rooftop is a huge bonus, since in addition to everything it allows for company events and gatherings”

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