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How we helped Rockspace thrive in their new workspace

Rockspace, is part of the International Rockspace Group, which hires about 400 employees worldwide, arrived at the ROOMS complex in Bnei Brak in July 2020, with only 15 employees. In less than a year, the company has doubled its workforce in Israel and currently count 33 employees. One of the main benefits that the move to ROOMS has allowed the company, is flexibility – to expand or reduce the scope of activity in the complex according to needs, as the COO, Danny Tottenaur – indicates

“We really like the flexibility that ROOMS allows us. We have already moved the demarcation doors of our offices 3 times, and we expect further growth in the next year to 50 employees. I know I can easily add offices and expand the complex according to the company’s needs and it gives Lots of quiet ”

The Rockspace complex within ROOMS extends over a quarter floor and has 12 offices, including an open space and a private balcony, which can be expanded at any point with the addition of offices / workstations.

“Before we moved to ROOMS we rented offices in 35th floor of the Champion building. When we went through a difficult time and had to downsize, we realized we were in trouble. The rent was very high on the one hand, there were large offices we did not need, and this expense became burden on our budget. We felt that this method no longer serves us. In ROOMS we suddenly realized that it is possible otherwise. If the company shrinks, you reduce the scope of your offices and save expenses. And vice versa. It’s not only convenient it’s also very cost effective “says Tottenaur.

Beyond the offices, the conference room reservation app allows each tenant in the ROOMS complexes to reserve one of the meeting rooms as needed, but Rockspace decided to also take two dedicated and private meeting rooms of the company in the complex.

“The meeting rooms are excellent for us. We chose to add 2 meeting rooms to our package (one small up to 5 people and another one up to 8 people) because we use the meeting rooms a lot and it is more efficient for us to just include them in our complex. This is a very convenient solution for us.”

As with many clients, the transition from the traditional form of work of rented / owner-occupied offices to work in a co-working complex has gone smoothly beyond expectations.

“The main difference is the community and the facilitation at ROOMS, which are amazing. And of course, in terms of day-to-day management, not having to mess with the kitchen, cleanliness or the little things like design and furniture.

One of the main advantages I see in ROOMS is the design of the place, which is very beautiful and inviting and of course it is that the place is already furnished, and I do not have to deal with these issues. You get a work complex that looks amazing, is maintained in its entirety and best of all – you do not have to worry about it at all. We can just not work and not deal with anything else. We receive excellent service from the staff. They always take care of us and are available for any request and any problem that arises immediately”.

Another advantage of the ROOMS complex in Ramat Gan is its convenient location, which allows relatively easy access from almost anywhere –

“Our employees come from all sorts of areas. We have a very diverse staff in terms of accommodation so it was important for us to choose a central location that would be convenient to reach from anywhere.”

Rockspace also felt an improvement in everything related to the social experience between the employees and themselves within the company and between the employees and the other tenants in the complex, thanks to the weekly events we produce

“There’s a very good sense of community in ROOMS. We, for example, really like the weekly happy hour that is organized for us. It’s also fun to connect with other people in the complex. Suddenly we got to know more companies and businesses and this interaction brought collaborations with another tenant – a graphic design company named Glaserico, who made us pictures for the employees’ birthdays. Another business collaboration we did was with Basic Collection, which also sits in the complex, and made us custom made chairs.

“I know that they also do Pilates and that they bring more sports activities to the complex. I personally did not get to experience it, but it is an excellent added value for the employees and I am glad that this possibility exists.”

The bottom line is that we are very pleased and hope to continue in ROOMS for a long time to come”, concludes Tottenaur.

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