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How we helped Truvid thrive in their new workspace

Truvid provides digital video solutions for publishers, advertisers, and content creators, starting from code level to through player and hardware content level. The company, which employs 16 people, most of which in Israel, moved its offices to the ROOMS complex in Raanana in April 2021, with two offices (8 positions) initially and then expanded to three offices (12 positions).


“We heard about ROOMS from a friend who warmly recommended. Indeed, the move significantly reduced our monthly expenses because we moved from larger offices. ROOMS allowed us flexibility, as we have access to the complex 24/7. I once came across a situation where an employee came on a Saturday to repair a computer, and he had no was problem to enter the compound, without too many phone calls and procedures. This is a big advantage over traditional office buildings, which are not always easily accessible on weekends and holidays. In addition, ROOMS is closer to most of us. Our previous offices before were in Petah Tikva and most of the workers shortened their way to work because of the move.

As CEO I prefer not to deal with maintenance issues, so that I would have more time to focus on the core of my work. Today, I do not deal with payments of electricity, property taxes, cleaning, and welfare – this is a huge advantage of ROOMS – the transition cleared a lot of time for me” as Roi Lichtenfeld, CEO of the company, testifies.


Truvid’s previous offices were customary designed, so it was important for us in ROOMS to maintain the style that characterizes the company and give employees a familiar feel, but with a more innovative design.


“I love the look of the place, it feel like we came to a hotel. From the fragrances as you enter the place, to the furniture, and it’s nice to every person who comes to work, and to the guests. The experience is different for the better,” says Lichtenfeld.


As with many companies, working in a living and dynamic environment allows employees to interact with other companies in the complex that sometimes generate interesting collaborations.


“The Happy Hours make all the difference. Instead of creating social events for the employees by myself – because as a CEO it’s important to me – ROOMS do it for me. In terms of content the weekly Happy Hours in ROOMS constantly diverse and there is an emphasis on significant and relevant issues. It gives the employees the opportunity to take a little break and have light-hearted encounters with other companies, getting to know the neighbors and saying hello in the morning. The general atmosphere is very positive”.


“The facilities are of a high standard. The place always feels clean and tidy. The kitchen is always full and equipped. For example, the meeting rooms that provide a good experience, advanced technology and are easy to operate. Or the phone booth which is an excellent service!”

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