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Select flexible co-working spaces and customize your office with high-end décor and furnishings alongside a complete hotel experience.

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Workspace solutions

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“The choice to work in the ROOMS complex came from the understanding that only ROOMS is able to provide a tailored solution for RedHat’s need for a shared work complex.

What we love most about ROOMS is the professional and courteous staff. There is a desire of the team to be attentive to all needs while constantly trying to streamline, improve and innovate. Consider the investment in Happy Hours – in time and quality.”

Carmit Naor, manager of the work complex on behalf of Red Hat
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“I love the look of the place, it feels like we arrived at a hotel. From the fragrances as you enter the place, to the furniture, and it’s nice for every person who comes to work, as well as to the guests. The experience is different and better”

Roee Lichtenfeld, CEO
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“We really like the flexibility that ROOMS allows us. We have already moved the demarcation doors of our offices 3 times, and we expect further growth in the next year to 50 employees. I know I can easily add offices and expand the complex according to the company’s needs and it gives us a peace of mind”

Danny Tottenaur, COO
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“Now we are finishing our first year at ROOMS and everything we thought would be in terms of energy and office looks, the transition efficiency and also financially – this is absolutely the best solution for us. There is a real sense of a workspace with a hotel experience.

Our previous offices were in Petah Tikva, sized about 1,200 square meters. In terms of functionality, the place was not arranged properly, which would increase the costs for us. This deal was worthwhile in 2014 when we got in there, but COVID-19 changed everything, and I realized we need to find a place that would make more sense for us and would be fun for the employees to come in to in the morning.

We discovered ROOMS by surprise, through a friend of mine who is also a realtor working with them. From the moment I arrived to see the place – I loved everything. Visibility, energy, perception of space”.

CEO and owner, Gideon Gilboa
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